The Best Makeup for Humid Climates 1

The Best Makeup for Humid Climates

Understanding Humidity and Its Effects on Makeup

Humidity or the presence of moisture in the air is a common weather condition in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, it can cause makeup to melt, smudge, and slide off the skin. The moisture in the air can cause oil production on the face to increase, causing a greasy look on makeup. To avoid these effects, people living in humid climates need to use makeup that is lightweight, long-lasting, and sweat-proof.

Face Makeup Products for Humid Climates

During the summer season, people in humid areas can use products that help control oil production such as oil-free moisturizers. Foundations that have lightweight and breathable formulas would also be perfect for humid environments. Those who want to use powder products can go for a translucent powder to set their makeup without adding too much coverage.

Eye Makeup Products for Humid Climates

The eyes are one of the areas of the face that are often affected by humidity. Constant water build-up can make it difficult to keep eye makeup in place. To avoid smudging and creasing, waterproof eyeliner and mascara are must-haves for those who live in humid climates. Matte and cream eyeshadows would also be perfect as they can be applied without much fallout and they stay in place for longer periods.

Lip Makeup Products for Humid Climates

Moisture can also cause lipstick to slip off or fade faster. Choosing long-wear and smudge-free lip products is ideal in humid climates. Matte liquid lipsticks tend to be more environmentally friendly and they stay in place for longer periods. Tinted lip balms or lip stains are also great options for a more natural yet polished look.

Makeup Tips for Humid Climates

Aside from using the right products, there are other tips to keep makeup in place in humid climates. One tip is to apply a face primer before putting on makeup as this helps the makeup adhere better. Using an oil-absorbing paper or powder throughout the day can help control excess oil on the face. Keeping makeup products in a cool and dry area can help prevent them from melting or being altered by the humidity. Touching up makeup products after a few hours of wear can also help refresh the face.


Humidity need not be a reason to avoid makeup. Nowadays, there are many makeup products available that can withstand humid conditions. By choosing the right products and following a few simple tips, it is possible to stay looking flawless even in humid climates. Supplement your study with this recommended external source. Investigate supplementary data and fresh viewpoints on the subject addressed in the piece. Makeup in Qatar, dive deeper into the subject.

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