Top Golf Courses in the Reno/Lake Tahoe Area 1

Top Golf Courses in the Reno/Lake Tahoe Area

The Stunning Natural Beauty of Reno and Lake Tahoe

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Reno and Lake Tahoe area offers a breathtaking landscape that attracts tourists from all over the world. With its crystal clear lakes, towering mountains, and fresh alpine air, it is no wonder that this region has become a top destination for golf enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore some of the best golf courses in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out in this picturesque setting. Interested in learning more about the subject? Learn from this informative research, where you’ll find additional details and complementary information to further enhance your learning experience.

The Championship Course: Montreux Golf & Country Club

Montreux Golf & Country Club is undoubtedly the crown jewel of golf courses in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area. This Jack Nicklaus-designed masterpiece weaves through towering pines and offers stunning views of Mt. Rose as a backdrop. As the host of the PGA Tour’s Barracuda Championship, Montreux has earned its reputation as a true championship course. Golfers visiting Montreux can expect meticulously manicured fairways, challenging greens, and an unforgettable golfing experience.

Top Golf Courses in the Reno/Lake Tahoe Area 2

A Historic Gem: Incline Village Championship Golf Course

Nestled on the northern shores of Lake Tahoe, the Incline Village Championship Golf Course possesses a rich history dating back to 1964. This Robert Trent Jones Sr.-designed course offers breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains. Golfers will navigate through towering Jeffrey pines and challenge themselves with carefully placed bunkers and water hazards. After a round of golf, players can relax and take in the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe from the clubhouse.

A Mountain Oasis: Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Tahoe, Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course combines natural beauty with world-class golfing. This George Fazio-designed course captures the essence of the Sierra Nevada landscape, with its tall pines, granite outcroppings, and pristine fairways. Golfers will find themselves immersed in the tranquility of the mountains while being challenged by the strategic layout of the course. Cloaked in natural beauty, Edgewood Tahoe offers an unforgettable round of golf.

An Architectural Marvel: Clear Creek Tahoe

Clear Creek Tahoe is not just a golf course; it is a testament to architectural brilliance. Designed by famed architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, this course is a stunning example of how golf can seamlessly blend with nature. Clear Creek Tahoe showcases panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Washoe Valley, offering golfers a true escape from the outside world. The course’s undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and breathtaking vistas make it a must-play for any golf enthusiast.

A Hidden Gem: Old Greenwood Golf Course

Tucked away in the forests of Truckee, just a short drive from Lake Tahoe, Old Greenwood Golf Course is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This Jack Nicklaus Signature Course is a true golfer’s paradise, offering a challenging yet enjoyable layout that caters to players of all skill levels. The course showcases the natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Truckee River, providing a serene and unforgettable golfing experience. After a round of golf, players can relax at the elegant clubhouse or explore the charming town of Truckee.


The Reno/Lake Tahoe area is a golfer’s dream, with its stunning natural beauty and top-notch golf courses. From the championship level Montreux Golf & Country Club to the hidden gem of Old Greenwood Golf Course, each course offers a unique experience that captures the essence of this enchanting region. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just starting your golfing journey, the Reno/Lake Tahoe area is sure to leave you with lasting memories and a desire to come back for more. To learn more about the topic, we recommend visiting this external website we’ve chosen for you. Golf Reno, investigate fresh perspectives and supplementary data to deepen your knowledge of the topic.

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